Rinzai Zen In The Modern World

Rinzai Zen in the Modern World (English pdf).

We recently posted Jeff’s paper, ​which he was asked to write ​for the the International Symposium on Rinzai Zen sponsored by ​the​ umbrella organization of ​Japanese ​Rinzai ​monastic institutions and held in Kyoto at Hanazono University on May 13 & 14, 2016 (the paper​ has been published in Japanese & Chinese translations in the symposium proceedings; an English version​ can be found above). The symposium was held to coincide with commemorations of the 1150th anniversary of the passing of Rinzai. Jeff’s paper, entitled “Rinzai Zen in the Modern World,” surveys the development of Zen in the West​, while the last few pages​ address serious problems that have developed in the Western Zen tradition.

For the symposium, Jeff was also interviewed on the theme of “Rinzai Zen Now.” The Japanese quarterly Zen Bunka (Zen Culture)​ ​will publish the original interview​, done in Japanese. The English translation appears here.

A large Zen art exhibit, also part of the commemoration, was recently held at the Kyoto National Museum, and this autumn will be at the Tokyo National Museum. See (in English): Link.

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