General Videos:
Video entitled, “How to do Zazen Meditation”: link
Documentary video featuring Jeff, shot in and around Kyoto: link
Breathing in Zen Practice: link

Lectures at the London Buddhist Society:
“Growing (Old) in Zen” (2019): link
“Slowing Down the Mind Train” (2016): link

Online Dharma Talks (Video):
The following YouTube channels have a variety of recent online Dharma talks:
Main BWS Youtube channel: BWS
Munich Group: Being Without Self
Berlin Group: Zen For The Modern World
UK Group: Being Without Self UK
Hungary Group: link
USA (East Coast) Group: link
Mexico Group: Zen Rinzai Mexico
Mexico Group (Sergio): link
Montreal Group: BWS-Montreal


Online Dharma Talks (Audio):
Australia-Japan Dharma Talk Aug 15 2020 “From the beginning, not a single thing”: link
Quebec Dharma Talk Jul 8 2020 “Great Concentration, Great Doubt”: link
Quebec Dharma Talk Jul 1 2020 “Concentration”: link
UK Dharma Talk Jun 2020 “Proper Practice”: link

Recordings of retreat lectures:

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