Complete Practice

Complete Practice

Many years ago I was asked by an experienced Western practitioner to write an inscription for her copy of ‘Being Without Self: Zen for the Modern World’. When I wrote “An inspiration to COMPLETE practice” she responded that practice is never completed. I responded, yes – and it must be complete. With this in mind, here are some deeply personal yet universal accounts of how this is so. I trust it will be an inspiration for all those who think practice can never be completed and for those who assume that their practice already is complete. By the way, the first three will come to the hermitage in Kyoto this year for more sustained practice. Enough said.
– Jeff Shore.

Teaching Zen – LOL (pdf).

Hermitage (pdf).

The Elusive Koan: What is “this”? (pdf).

Breathing (pdf).

Great Doubt and The Koan of Religion (pdf).