Some inspirations for, and appreciations of, Zen practice:

Lay Zen – a revised version of Jeff Shore’s introduction to The Sayings of Layman P’ang. pdf.

Jeff’s Foreword to Bernadette Roberts’ What Is Self?: A Study of the Spiritual Journey in Terms of Consciousness can be found here: On no-ego & no-self.

Empty Trash, Empty Self – An autobiographical sketch by Jeff Shore (pdf in English) and pdf (Spanish translation).

Zazen Manual – Translations in English & Hungarian.

Rinzai Zen in the Modern World – paper from the symposium on “Rinzai Zen in the Modern World” by Jeff Shore.

Rinzai Zen Now – an interview with Jeff Shore by Rinzai Zen Master and Hanazono University Professor Yasunaga Sodô (pdf).

Silver Sesshin & Visits (pdf).

Zazen with Jeff (pdf).

A Problem (pdf).

Buddha Lost In Translation? (pdf).

Zen in America & the necessity of the Great Doubt: A discussion between D.T. Suzuki & Shinichi Hisamatsu (pdf) – A translation published in the FAS Society Journal, Spring, 1986.

Be A Fool! – An old interview with Fukushima Rōshi (Kyoto Journal). (NEW)

Complete Practice – Inspirations to complete practice. (NEW)

Why Travel Abroad for Retreat? (pdf). (NEW)

Ten Great Obstacles to Practice (pdf). Short translation of a basic Mahayana text used in China and Korea. Translation by Chang Gyong (Krisztian Arpad Kovacs). (NEW)

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