Virtual Groups

Online Groups:

Canterbury, UK: Online Zazen:.
Every morning (Monday to Friday) at 6:30 GMT – 4 great vows – 50 minute Zazen.
Every Wednesday & Thursday evening at 19:00 GMT – 2 x 25 min Zazen – Kinhin/stretch – 4 great vows at beginning and end.
Contact: Jenny and Marcus.

Munich, Germany: Zoom Zazen.
Meetings: Tuesday, 19:00 – 20:30 CET.
Schedule: 2 x 25 minutes zazen, exchange in English.
Meetings: Thursday, 19:00 – 21:00 CET.
Schedule: 3 x 25 minutes zazen, exchange in German.
Contact: Bernhard.

Berlin, Germany: Zazen Online.
Meetings: Daily 10:00 + 19:00 CET.
Schedule: 50 minutes zazen. Twice monthly Zoom Zazen. All are welcome.
Contact: Cyrus.

Mexico City, Mexico: Zoom Zazen: Group “Ser Sin Yo”.
Meetings: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 19:30 Mexico City time.
Contact: Leon Chiprout.

Mexico City / Tepoztlán, Mexico: Morning Zazen.
Morning Zazen (Zazen Matutino): Saturday to Thursday, 6:00-6:50 A.M. Mexico City Time (7:00-7:50 A.M., US / CAN, Eastern). NOTE: The Virtual Zendo is open from 5 to 6 A.M. (Mex. Time) for “free” zazen (no fixed periods or bell) before our formal sitting.
Hermitage Style Intensive Zazen: Every Friday morning, 5:00-7:50 A.M. Mexico City Time (6:00-8:50 A.M., US / CAN, Eastern): 3 X 50 minute zazen periods with two 10 minute breaks. Brief exchange afterwards.
Contact: Sergio.

Philadelphia, USA: Zoom Zazen: Shikan (Stop & Observe) Zendo.
Meetings: Every Sunday, 09:00 – 11:00 EST.
Schedule: 3 x 35 minutes zazen, starting and ending with Four Great Vows and time for an exchange afterwards.
Meetings: Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 20:30 – 21:15 EST.
Schedule: 1 x 45 minutes zazen
Contact: Julianna.

East Coast, USA: Zoom Zazen: East Coast Zazen Meeting.
Meetings: Every Tuesday, 20:15 – 22:00 EST.
Schedule: 2 x 40 minutes zazen, starting at 20:20 with a 5 min break between. Last 15 mins for discussion.
Contact: Milan.

Montréal, Canada: Zoom Zazen: Montréal Zen Centre.
Meetings: Every Monday, 19:30 – 20:30 local time.
Schedule: 2 x 25 minutes zazen, followed by Hakuin’s chant in praise of zazen and the Four Vows (in French). All are welcome.
Contact: Anne Lainé.

Québec City, Canada: Zoom Zazen: Québec Zendo (affiliated with Montréal Zen Centre).
Meetings: Every Wednesday, 16:30 – 18:00 local time.
Schedule: 3 x 25 minutes zazen, followed by 5 minutes of kinhin. During the sittings, a small text is read in French. We end our practice with the recitation of Hakuin Chant and the Four Vows (in French).
Zoom: Personal Meeting Room
Contact: Marielle Robitaille.